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April News

There will be a street fair this year! The streets may be in the process of being paved, the bioswales in the process of being built and planted, and some of the private development not quite finished, but like last year, we are going to celebrate around them. Look for more information soon. July 26th – Save the Date.
More new businesses are setting up in Division/Clinton. La Panza moved into 2425 SE 26th replacing Sushi Ben 2Go. La Panza is offering Mexican and Southwestern dishes. Moving into the D Street Village sometime within the next four weeks is Josephine’s Dry Goods. They offer materials, classes, sewing machines, and buttons.
Our new sponsor Cleek Law Office, todd@cleeklaw.com. Cleek Law practices Business, Estate Planning and Real Estate Law in Oregon and Washington. Todd was elected President of Division/Clinton Business Association in January 2014.
Steve Goldsmith of Floare, the new flower shop in the D Street Village, is passing on this information to all our businesses: “Richmond Flats, the 81 unit at 37th & Division, is creating Welcome Packets for their new tenants. Floare provided 81 promotional cards with 10% coupons. You can drop your items off at the office on the ground floor or call 503.941.6623. Hawthorne 26 (26th & Hawthorne) and Abernethy Court (30th & Hawthorne) will also take promotional items for new tenants.”
Remember the surveys you did last summer and the many meetings to talk about DCBA’s future? Well, all that data is being crunched and massaged into a plan for the district and for Division/Clinton Business Association. You’ll be hearing again from us soon.
The Oregonian continues to mention our great variety of restaurants. This weeks’ notice was for Bollywood Theater II at 30th and Division and American Local directly across the street at 3003 SE Division.
According to Joe Annett the Division Streetscape project is still on schedule. The paving between 10th and 39th will be done by late summer and all the rest of the bioswale work by the end of October. Contact Joseph Annett at 503-823-2934 or joseph.annett@portlandoregon.gov.

Survey Results

The responses to the Business Survey are available as a PDF.

The responses to the Resident Survey are available as a PDF.

The results of the two surveys will form the basis of Division/Clinton Business Associations strategic plans for the next two years.

March news

All of Division Clinton’s businesses are invited to Re-Envision Division, Thursday March 6, from 3:00 – 4:30 PM at the Clinton Street Theatre. Seanette Corkill teaches creative ways to make store windows the kind that bring people in, Michelle Reeves explaisn how to position a store to compete, and Tyler Bump talks about using data analysis and market research to revitalize our district. The speakers will be followed by discussion and hosted socializing between 4:30 – 6:00 PM. If you’ve paid your DCBA dues, the event is free, otherwise the fee is $10.00. Space in the theatre is limited. To make your reservation, www.divisionclinton.com by March 4th. Come, bring your questions, and help DCBA create amazing change. DCBA is already revising its website and working on a district business map.
In or Out Tax Service reminds you that the first 14 days of April are frantic; plan to get your taxes done in March. Call for an appointment and remember that DCBA businesses get a 10% discount.
Now you have insurance, if you’ve been assigned to a clinic other than where you’ve been going, you can ask to be changed. It’s called continuity of care. Call the Cover Oregon number in Salem (1-800-699-9075) to request a change. Warning, you can be on hold for up to an hour. Discussion about Bike routes in the 20s continue, but it still looks like parking on 26th between Division and Clinton will remain.
Portland Eye Care opened at 4133 SE Division. You can schedule appointments online at www.eyepdx.com. Bollywood is open as is American Local, both at 30th and Division.
Tri-Met is beginning the bus service planning process for Division, Powell, and the Milwaukie light rail – and wants input from local businesses and residents. If you’re interested check out the Tri-Met website, www.trimet.org, and attend meetings.
The majority of street work is done and work is focused on bioswales, which probably won’t be planted until the weather improves. Paving is still scheduled for summer. Contact Joseph Annett at joseph.annett@portlandoregon.gov or 503-823-2934.
Traffic continues to be impacted by private construction.


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