About the Division Clinton Business Association

As we see the world around us changing, we have an opportunity to mold our district into something spectacular. The restaurants and shops that surround us also define us. We are kind and accepting and different. At the DCBA, we strive to foster those qualities by supporting our member businesses through collaborative events and seasonal promotions.

The District

Division StreetDivision/Clinton considers all businesses, property owners, and others that do business in the SE between 11th and 50th Avenues and Lincoln to Taggart are eligible for membership. DCBA’s mission is to “Enliven the district by attracting new business and new visitors to this vibrant destination for dining, shopping and services; and develop and expand a blossoming creative center for business and recreation.”

The Division Streetscape Plan, formerly the Division Main Street Plan, began both the sewer upgrade and the Tabor to the River addition of street trees and bioswales on both Division and Clinton Streets last spring. Repaving is underway. New development has already created new mixed use buildings and at least five more are planned for this year.

Our Future

The majority of the commercial properties on corners have been rezoned for mixed use and are being planned with retail on the lower floors and apartments or condominiums above, increasing the residential stock without decreasing possible business opportunities. By 2014, Division will have many small and medium sized commercial spaces for new businesses. The DCBA intends to continue supporting the businesses with events, marketing opportunities, and timely communication with the residents in all four abutting neighborhood associations.

The Present

Division and Clinton will both remain open for business during redevelopment, construction, and “greening”. Street closures will be kept to a minimum. Tri-Met continues work on the Clinton Street Station, affecting 11th, 12th, Clinton, and Gideon Streets.

DCBA Board Meetings

The DCBA meets each month in the second floor conference room at D Street Village (3150 SE Division) at 12PM on the third Tuesday of the month. Meetings are open to all members and interested parties.