Division/Clinton Street Fair and Parade schedule:

10:45AM Parade starts at SE 41st and Clinton heading WEST on SE Division St. to SE 21st Ave. 

Music stage SE 28th Avenue at Piccolo Park (between SE Division St. and SE Clinton St.)

12PM Mariya May

2PM Golden Sunbirds 

3:45PM Thomas Mudrick and the Infinite Penguins


Division/Clinton Street Fair and Parade

This event is a privately hosted community gathering intended to provide a civic benefit to the community and to promote and encourage a culture of respect among all persons in attendance. All attendees, participants, contractors, vendors and volunteers are expected to abide by the Division/Clinton Street Fair and Parade Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave the event.

Respect All Attendees

  • No hate speech, harassment, intimidation, threats or physical violence 

Respect Event Purpose

  • The Division/Clinton Street Fair and Parade is a family-friendly community celebration
  • No unapproved vending or selling
  • All buskers must comply with City of Portland Regulations and may be asked to move if they are interfering with the smooth operation of the event 

Abide by all Federal, State and City of Portland Laws including, but not limited to:

  • No public intoxication
  • No public consumption of alcohol outside of designated areas
  • No public consumption of marijuana or any other controlled substance
  • Street closures, parking removal and any other applicable traffic/parking laws
  • No unpermitted amplified noise
  • No Weapons unless expressly allowed pursuant to Portland City Code Section 14A.60.010
  • No person shall take, deface, degrade, damage, or destroy any personal or real property located in or upon the event area
  • No person may light any object on fire except for smoking devices designed for smoking tobacco
  • No person shall unreasonably interfere with the physical operation of the event