Monthly Archives: May 2016

May Street News

Division continues to change.  Bella’s Treasures is moving into the Southeast corner of 35th and Division.  Bella’s Treasures, opening in early June, sells antiques and features 1800s clothing, collectables, and good quality recycled clothing.  Owners are Joe and Francisa McMillin.  Newly opened Gild, at 3370, specializes in fine leather women’s shoes and purses.  Owners are Nicole Whitsell, owner of Adorn and Erinn Warner.  Stella Taco moved into 3060 SE division mid-May.  Stella makes Austin Style tacos, customized tacos, which feature unique dressings, corn or flour tortillas, a choice of meats, and queso, a cheese dip. They are family friendly.  Eat in, take out or use counter service.  The owner is Becky Atkins.  Casa Mia, replacing Detour Café at 3035 SE Division, will open in early June.  Casa Mia offers “Eclectic Italian cuisine.  Owner Benito Omana has another restaurant in Hillsboro.  The business at 3561 SE Division says only Tarot on the door.  The business appears to be a nature focused book store.  The website is


Coffee Kids at 3354 closed.  The Vape Empire at 48th and Division is papered, a sure sign the business has left. Sen Yai at 34th closed and Honky Tonk Tacos is moving in soon.  Many of Sen Yai’s dishes are available for breakfast and lunch at Whiskey Soda Lounge on Division at 32nd.