Welcome to Cadence Natural Health, LLC! I’m Dr. Constance Ohlinger, a naturopathic doctor in the Portland Oregon area, providing local and long-distance care. My aim is to increase healthcare access, because regardless of background, I truly believe that we all deserve health.

Using a compassionate, trauma-informed approach, I provide holistic care that is centered around YOU and your needs- allowing you to thrive, naturally! I offer primary care, naturopathic adjunctive care and consulting on a variety of concerns including (but not limited to!) the following:

– Women’s Health and Hormone balance for all stages of life
– Injury prevention and recovery for rock climbers and all lovers of movement
– Thyroid and related adrenal conditions
– Metabolic management with a “Health at Every Size” Approach
– Diabetes and blood sugar control
– Mood support


1540 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR, 97202