Alzheimer’s and other dementias are progressive diseases that slowly take away parts of the person you knew and loved. There is no cure, but there is hope. And at Emerson House, our daily routines are built upon hope, humor and the knowledge that we can give your loved one a better quality of life.
If you’ve looking for home like comforts, including wonderful food, we have that in abundance. If you’re looking for a docile environment where residents are wrapped in cotton wool and a bingo game is considered the height of excitement for the day, we’re probably not the right fit for you or your loved one. We’re more than a bit different here. We’re different with a cause, a purpose and a passion.
We’re a place where when a resident asks, “how is your was?” it’s an opening for a caregiver to have a great conversation with the person. We’re a place when a family member (and medical professional) asks if we would research the benefits of medical marijuana for his loved one, we look meticulously at all the issues, both medical and legal, before making them an appointment for a consultation at a local dispensary.
We’re a place where residents can enjoy both our courtyard and outings around the neighborhood – where Skee ball and Cokes are all part of a day’s activities and where there’s always a front side seat at the annual Division/Clinton street parade. We’re a place where sack lunches mean there’s a road trip happening – whether it’s the Alpaca farm in Hood River or a noontime concert at the Old Church.
We’re a place where some of what you hear may sound like tough love, but it is meant and delivered with love because our emphasis is on helping you find the tools and resources to deal with the changes that are happening to your loved one.
At Emerson House, our team is like a family, things can get a bit messy and we don’t always agree, but we’re all here for the same thing – to provide a place where your loved one can live fully with dignity as they progress through all the changes that dementia brings. And we want, to whatever degree you want, for you to be part of the family too.


3577 SE Division St.
Portland, OR, 97202