At Swaha, skilled musicians who are dedicated to passing on the joys of playing music are building a community of artists, colleagues and companions. We welcome everyone. We meet you where you are. We provide opportunities for you to play music every day. All you have to do is say “Yes!” and show up. Physical exercises are good to keep your body fit. Swaha Music Experiences are good to keep your mind and soul fit and shining. And in this day and age, we all must do everything we can to keep our energy up and our community connections strong. Much like a yoga or fitness class, every Swaha Music Experience offers exercises to expand your musical skills, principles to expand your mind, and intentional spaces to help you connect to an ever-growing tribe of loving, happy musicians on the same musical path. You will experience a renewed sense of self, an inspired sense of connection, and an enthusiastic dose of the most perfect medicine we know: Music.


1235 SE Division St, Suite 103
Portland, OR, 97202