Remember that time you had to deliver a package across town on a short deadline? Remember not having the time to do it yourself or wanting to spend a small fortune on shipping costs? Yeah, expedited and cross-town shipping can be expensive and inconvenient.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Enter Rynly, one of Division/Clinton’s newest businesses and DCBA members. They make  local and short turnaround shipping more affordable by utilizing some of the concepts of businesses like Uber and PostMates. At just $5 – $10 per delivery, Rynly offers expedited delivery service within Portland and to Seattle.

According to Johnny Perez, who handles marketing for Rynly out of their Ford Building office, the name is derived from the Mandarin translation of, “power of the people.” Perez says, “We take that phrase very seriously.”  The goal of Rynly, as he explains, is to “connect independent drivers and small businesses with delivery needs via our innovative web app to deliver packages quicker and more cost-efficient than larger companies.”

Though they have big dreams, Rynly has embraced their local roots and Division/Clinton community.We are a small company with large aspirations and we would love to meet new businesses even if they won’t be utilizing our services,” says Perez. “You can find us working in our offices located inside the Ford Building, or you can see us grabbing some food up and down SE Division, maybe drinking some coffee at one of the many coffee shops in our area, or you might pass us shopping the local shops. We love supporting our community and we hope to make new relationships through the Division/Clinton Business Association.”

To make stronger connections in the business district, Rynly is offering a rebate to DCBA members. As Perez states, “Local support means a lot to us and that is why we are offering members of the Division/Clinton Business Association an exclusive rebate offer! Any business that ships with us simply has to email ‘‘ with their order info and we will issue a rebate for their first package.”

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