The Division/Clinton business district is home to many high-profile restaurants, amazing retailers, and a great collection of bars, cafes, art galleries, health & wellness studios and everything in between. We are truly fortunate to have these businesses. But what every neighborhood really needs is a good hardware store. And Division/Clinton can count one of the best as its own: Division Do it Best Hardware. Need a gardening tool? Need help with a plumbing project? Need advice from someone with some know-how? Division Do it Best Hardware has you covered. We caught up with them recently for a quick Q &A – now you can get to know them a bit better…

Tell us about yourself and your business
We are Division Do it Best Hardware, serving the City of Portland with all of your hardware needs and desires in: electrical, plumbing, paint, housewares, tools, hardware and lawn & garden. We have been in the hardware business for over 30 years; founded on the principles and workings of Glenn Lambert, who started Division Hardware at its current location in 1987. We are dedicated to serving our community and the City of Portland for all of its hardware needs now, and into the future!

What makes working in the Division/Clinton Business District great? And why did you join DCBA?
As we are one community, working in the Division/Clinton Business District is great because we are in a district that has grown leaps and bounds in a short amount of time; with diverse businesses, and great patrons in our community coming out and exploring those businesses – it is music to our ears. Many years ago, we joined DCBA because our founder Glenn Lambert, who was a frequent attender at Board meetings, always wanted to see the area’s businesses improve, and improve together to build a strong local economy.

When you’re not working, what’s your favorite place to hang out in the neighborhood?
We enjoy taking company to Salt & Straw and the gelato shop (Pinolo Gelato) across the street from our store.

If Division/Clinton had its own soundtrack, what would be the theme song?
Ah, good question. It would have to be “Happy Together,” by the Turtles, released April 28th, 1967.

Many thanks to Division Do it Best Hardware for all they do for our community!